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Customer Service Tips

A call center can never have enough customer service tips. Call centers are useful for a variety of reasons, and customer service is perhaps the most useful of all them. That’s why a call center should take advantage of any and all information that can help improve their customer service. The following customer service tips should go a long way in ensuring customers walk away from their interaction with a smile on their face.

Tip 1: Always Ensure Rapid Response Times

One of the many customer service tips to share is always ensure rapid response times to requests. Customers have come to expect quick responses when they reach out to a call center with questions, concerns and issues. When a customer waits on hold or is forced to endure a long series of prompts and automated responses before speaking to a live representative, they tend to get angered and consider it a bad customer service experience. Call centers and customer service should always do what it takes to ensure a quick response and/or follow up to inquiries, then follow through with correct, relevant, helpful information.

Tip 2: Offer Relevant Information on Multiple Channels

All call center and customer service representatives should be well versed with necessary product information to assist with any and all questions customers may have. Additionally, similar information should be available and easy to find on company websites, social media and provided literature. This is one of our customer service tips because not everyone wants to sit on the phone with a representative to receive answers, no matter how great the call resolution times are. Simply put, sometimes people don’t want to talk to other people. That’s why a great act of customer service is to provide relevant, easy-to-find information on multiple channels.

Tip 3: Make it All About the Experience

This could perhaps be the most obvious of our customer service tips. When considering and evaluating your call center’s customer service approach, it’s essential to consider the company’s definition of what it means to provide good service. High-quality customer service is linked to overall customer experience across multiple touchpoints and channels. Providing a solid buying experience for customers relies heavily on a simple, personalized interaction for customers. It’s part of company culture and all employees must buy into the idea that customer satisfaction and experience is at the forefront of their concerns. Whether it’s on the phone or chatting online, being focused on the customer’s needs and wants to provide a pleasant experience is critical.


Tip 4: Mix in Some Technology

Everything is technology-focused, so consider the last of our customer service tips as a sign to use technology more to please customers. More specifically, virtual hold technology. Virtual hold technology has been around for some time, but has only recently started to become commonplace. It helps to eliminate hold times for the call center by offering callers the option of receiving a call back instead of waiting on hold. Implementing this technology can make customers happier while also keeping representatives from being verbally abused by customers angered by their hold time. Also, virtual hold technology can help your call center enjoy a drop in abandonment rates of up to 32%.