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The Appeal of Call Center Jobs

At a glance, call center jobs don’t seem overly glamorous. There doesn’t really seem to be much appeal in dealing with angry customers on the other end of the phone, high-stress situations and sitting in front of a computer all day. But, like most things in life, it’s important to not judge a book by its cover when it comes to call center jobs. In fact, call centers have changed so much in recent years that there are a variety of compelling reasons to seek out a career in the industry.


Call Center Demand is on the Rise

Call center jobs in the past were outsourced overseas, but that trend has reversed in the last 20 years. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that customer service and call center employment would grow almost 40% between 2014 and 2024. That means call center jobs are readily available, and the demand for entry- and management-level employees is continuing to grow.

Higher Earnings Potential

One doesn’t often associate high earnings with call center jobs, but it may be time to change that narrative. reports the national average compensation for an entry-level call center position is $12 to $14 an hour, and that’s not including potential bonus and commission earnings. Compare this to the average retail sales salary of $8 to $14 and call center jobs are clearly the preferred choice. Additionally, salaries for call center representatives are expected to increase as the demand for call centers grows.


Reliable Career Advancement

Continuing from earnings potential, salaries can be expected to grow as a representative advances through the call center. With call center jobs, career advances can be expected – and almost relied upon. It’s true that call centers have a high rate of employee turnover, but those who do well in the industry can see their career truly thrive. Call center representatives that succeed often see themselves promoted to “lead agent/representative” – tasked with ensuring other representatives stay focused on customer service and sales. From there, the potential is endless, e.g. supervisor, vice president of sales and marketing, etc.

Call Centers Develop Valuable Skills

Call center representatives have hundreds of conversations a day. For each, there will be a checklist of tasks to perform, including specific greetings, asking required questions and entering valuable, relevant data. Each call is an opportunity for representatives to improve their efficiency while also learning from past mistakes. Call center jobs allow many to hone certain skills, such as being a “people person,” solving problems and communicating well.

Fun, Interactive Work Environment

These days, it’s all about sales. In order for a business to succeed, certain sales numbers have to be obtained. Call centers often set goals for their representatives, with bonuses and various other prizes up for grabs when those goals are met. This leads to a unique work environment. Team leaders encourage representatives to strive for greatness while coworkers cheer each other on. This might sound like something made up, but it’s commonplace throughout call centers in America.