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Tips for Call Center Managers

Call center managers play vital roles in the success of a call center. Between hiring, running the day-to-day operations, and handling all the issues their representatives can’t, the job of a call center manager can be a demanding one. No matter what position people come to be in, they can always use a little advice. Below are some tips for call center managers in order for them to get the most out of their call center.

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Tip 1: Talk to Representatives

Call center managers are directly involved with the hiring of representatives, but that shouldn’t be the only time the managers are in contact with them. All great managers have an open, well-established line of communication with their representatives. Call center representatives are in the mix every single day, making them the ideal source to tell their managers what’s important to customers, themselves and colleagues. Additionally, they can inform call center managers of what is and isn’t working with customers, as well as what they hear the competition is up to in the industry. Open communication between the manager and representatives can be an invaluable research tool.

Tip 2: Be a True Leader

This may seem easier said than done, but is essential for call center managers. By definition, managers are leaders. They lead a team of representatives to inform and service customers for a variety of companies and industries. A manager needs to be present and available for their team to provide support and advice, as well as offer up coaching and development to guide them toward personal and company success. For example, something as minuscule as a brief morning meeting with everyone to get representatives prepared and excited for the day can make a world of difference.


Tip 3: Make the Call Center a Great Place to Work

This seems obvious, doesn’t it? Don’t we all want to work somewhere we enjoy going to each day? Well, that is more than just a dream. Great managers know how to make their call center a fun, enjoyable work environment. Managers must keep a close eye on workplace morale each day. The way representatives feel about their job will be hard to hide from customers over the phone, so it should be ensured they’re in pleasant moods when doing so.

Happy employees rub off on colleagues as well, improving both customer experience and the workplace atmosphere. Happy workers are proven to be more productive and tend to quit jobs less frequently, reducing the headache of employee retention. For managers to create a great environment, they must be sure they are providing positive feedback, motivating staff, and welcoming comments and criticism.

Tip 4: Embrace Data

Call center data is often discussed. It has been stated over and over again how crucial it is for a call center to succeed, and that is indeed true. Great call center managers embrace the use of data, and even encourage it. The utilization of call center data provides useful knowledge on how to deal with certain customers, when to contact others, and essentially improves operations. There is much data to examine, and great managers know how to view it.