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Sales and Call Centers

Call centers are used for a variety of reasons. The most common is customer service, but a great number of call centers are used to conduct sales as well. Whether it is online or inbound/outbound calling, a high number of sales dollars pass through a call center during any given day. With all those transactions happening, you can rightfully assume that the customer is catered to in a number of ways before the sale is complete. But what procedures should call centers follow after the sale?


Sales Processes and Policies

Every call center should have their own set of sales policies and processes. Maintaining communication with customers after they have placed an order should be first on the list. Generally speaking, something like an email to confirm purchase or to show a receipt, as well as estimated delivery time, is the best way to maintain that communication.

Seek Feedback

How can you know a representative has done a good job during the sales process if the customer doesn’t provide any feedback? The answer is you can’t. A well-organized, customer-focused company should use its call center to reach out to its customers after a sale has been made in an effort to gauge how satisfied they were with the product and service they received. This feedback is essential because it can directly help better a company’s customer service and the company can also publicize good reviews to help persuade future customers.

Contact Dissatisfied Customers

Piggybacking off seeking feedback, it is important for a call center to reach out to those that are dissatisfied. There will always be unhappy customers, and how a company chooses to handle them can determine whether those customers decide to give another chance or take their business elsewhere. A call center should be utilized to seek out customers, whether it is on the phone or over the internet, who are dissatisfied with their purchase to offer a resolution. A company that offers exchanges, returns, discounts, or something as simple as a thank you for providing feedback can drastically improve their reputation and chances of making additional sales.



Brand loyalty is perhaps one of the most difficult things to possess when it comes to sales. Regardless of the product or service, there is almost assuredly another option out there aside from the one your company is offering. After completing a sale, the best thing a call center representative can do is encourage brand loyalty. This can be done by sharing special offers and incentives with existing customers. For example, once a sale is complete, thank the customer for their time and money and offer them 15% off their next purchase. Likewise, since call centers tend to get a great deal of information from the customer, offers such as exclusive or early access to sales via email, birthday gifts or discounts, and loyalty program sign-up opportunities can make a customer feel truly valued.

Sales are wonderful. A company generally doesn’t stand a chance unless they make a great deal of sales. But one of the best ways to ensure the sales keep coming in is to have a trained call center that knows how to handle the purchase process. Gratitude and encouragement are the best starting points, among other policies to maintain.